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Challenges comes in different forms and sizes, be in self inflicted or derived from secondary source are always purposeful. We at aLM Architects are all about accepting challenges and the end product is the sum of our experience and the bold approaches we take to address challenge. The influence our practice over the years, coupled with dialogues with influential mentors made us grow and evolve to be better. 

Our works are derived from a balanced concoction of aesthetics and pragmatic solutions. The projects designed at aLM architects captures the conventional ingredients such as light , space, form and order, further enhanced with desirable qualities of a perfect world. Spaces are choreographed with material and landscaped vistas or open spaces to create emotional connection and response of end users. Our design approach is creating different forms, assertion of fluidity of design to create diversity among normalization.. This approach has been applied to projects such as Prominence. 

Divergent thinking , in other words thinking outside the box is one of the underlying conditions we challenge during the design process. On top of that, we believe that communication is key- starting from a careful study of the site and client's brief , followed with in depth discussion among team members during design development. The end product take forms after continuous refinement of ideas and structure linked to space, function and context. Please refer our PAM Award wining project MBPP Office, Penang City Park for more detail.

At aLM Architects , we are committed to providing the highest quality of services and architectural design that reflects our simple belief and dedication that responds to the environment and aspirations of our clients. 

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